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Gili Portal is an indie pop Singer-songwriter based in London, Uk.

Her debut album is called "Stills" and it's all about the crazy journey she has been through in the last couple of years, dealing with a rare disease called "Stills disease".

This experience changed her life completely. The songs contain a lot of insights about dealing with difficult situations, mental and physical challenges.

Gili has been performing constantly in the past few years and has toured all over the US, Barcelona, Thailand and Israel. She performed in festivals like Anti-folk festival in NY, Mardi Gra Festival in New Orleans, Yearot Menashe Festival in Israel and more...

Gili's music videos have a very unique vibe and have won a couple of prises like : 

"Best Dance Video Underground Paris", "Best Editor Underground Paris" and also has been chosen as an official selection in festivals in Japan, Uk, Austria, Bucharest and more.

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